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How do I find site subdomains in Windows?

This article is about the Findomain program, which in a few seconds will find the subdomains of the site of interest to you.

1. Win + r > cmd > Enter
2. Go to the folder with the downloaded program
3. To search for subdomains and print information on the screen, use the -t option, followed by the target domain: findomain-windows.exe -t

Other commands:
To save to a file, use the -o The file name will be created by the domain name to which the .txt extension was added. And with the -u option, you can specify any file name of your choice:

findomain-windows.exe -t -o
findomain-windows.exe -t -u youtube.txt

Some of the found subdomains have not existed for a long time, so if you are only interested in those subdomains that can be opened (that is, subdomains with an IP address), then use the -r option:

findomain-windows.exe -t -r

With the -f option, you can specify a file with a list of domains for which you want to search for subdomains:

findomain-windows.exe -f file_with_domains.txt

In this file, each domain must be placed on a separate row. The -f option can be combined with the other options discussed.