Cisco Sniffing


Show when a monitor or a span/rspan is setup or modified.

  • QRadar AQL
SELECT 'CmdSet' from events where LOGSOURCENAME(logsourceid) ilike '%cisco%' and (search_payload ilike '%monitor capture point%' or search_payload ilike '%set span%' or search_payload ilike '%set rspan%')
  • Splunk
("monitor capture point" OR "set span" OR "set rspan") | table CmdSet
  • Elastic Query
 \*.keyword:(*monitor\ capture\ point* OR *set\ span* OR *set\ rspan*)
  • EDR Carbon Black
(monitor capture point OR set span OR set rspan)
  • Windows PowerShell
Get-WinEvent | where {($_.message -match "monitor capture point" -or $_.message -match "set span" -or $_.message -match "set rspan") } | select TimeCreated,Id,RecordId,ProcessId,MachineName,Message
  • RegEx
^(?:.(?:.monitor capture point|.set span|.set rspan))

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